DIY Wedding Bouquet! Brooch Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet! Brooch Bouquet.  Behold the brooch bouquet. These vintage brooch bouquets are completely unique and no two are alike. They are an alternative to traditional wedding bouquets and they last forever. I also love that they make use of vintage brooches, lonely earrings, rings and pretty much anything else in the back of your jewelry drawer. 

I love that these long forgotten pieces can be born again into a brooch bouquet. It is the perfect 'something old' for your day.  





I knew immediately that I wanted to make a brooch bouquet. 

I found a crafty brooch bouquet DIY from Emmaline bride and another brooch bouquet bride from Offbeat Bride. And if you prefer video, this three part how to make a brooch bouquet does a very good job. 

Here is the step by step I used for my DIY brooch bouquet.

Begin with an artificial flower bouquet

Create brooch flowers. Take each of your brooches and attach a piece of wire to them, so it looks like a stem. Wrap the brooch stem with floral tape. 

Cover the artificial bouquet with the brooch flowers. Here you can choose to let some of the artificial flowers show through or you can add fillers. I added ribbon silk roses. Here is the tutorial for the DIY silk ribbon rose flowers. And I just glued those onto the artifical flowers. 

Wanna see the finished product?

5. I included one pink heart brooch, because we had hot pink as an accent wedding color and the heart brooch was a gift from my father. 

6. To tie the brooch theme into the rest of the wedding we gave each of our bridesmaids and our moms a brooch, and a vintage silver purse. 



I also included a brooch with blue in it, that belonged to my English grandmother, as my something blue.

I was lucky enough to inherit most of my brooches but if you don't have a jewelry drawer full of hidden treasures, head to your local garage sale, flea market or thrift shop. 

Has anyone made their own brooch bouquet?

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Fabulous Feather Boa!

Fabulous Feather Boa!  This beautiful bride is my friend, Erica. And when I saw this picture I knew I had to blog about it. A few posts ago I blogged about feather hair extensions and feather wedding dresses so I'm clearly on a feather kick.

I love the idea of having a feather boa as an alternative to a wedding wrap or shawl.  It is so sexy, sophisticated, and playful. And if you know my friend that describes her perfecty. 

This white feather boa was custom made by Luly Yang, a Seattle designer. I believe it is made of ostrich feathers.  

What do you think can my friend pull off a feather boa or what? 





Here Comes the Macaron!

macaronsHere comes the Macaron! Macarons are taking the world by storm. Easily confused with macaroons, the macaron is originally credited to the Fench. These little gems are shaking up wedding desserts, first it was the cupcake, then cake pops and now the macaron! The macarons flavors are endless and so are the places you can find them.  

The four main ingredients to macarons are almond flour, icing sugar, egg whites, and granulated sugar. Sounds simple. Sounds being the key word.  

I'm not much of a cook, especally not a dessert cook. But with the help of a friend, tonight we are gonna brave these little french wonders.   The plan: pistachio macarons with salted butter cream and raspberry macarons with cream cheese butter cream and splenda instead of sugar.  

We are going to use the macaron recipe from Pastry Pal. They also have a free dowloadable pdf, including troubleshooting tips.  Which I'm betting we will need.

Wish us luck. 



Do you Dare? DIY Wedding Flowers

diy wedding flowersDo you Dare? DIY Wedding Flowers. Flowers are one of the most beautiful and most costly aspects of a wedding. Wedding bouquet prices can be pretty high. 

Creating your own DIY wedding flowers, DIY wedding bouquets or DIY wedding centerpieces, takes a lot of work and time. The results can be beautiful or disastrous so I highly recommend you giving this a test run if it is something you are interested in. Having said that DIY wedding flowers can save you a ton of money and can add a very personal touch to your day.  Personally I love them!

In a nutshell, here are some guidelines and resources to help you with your DIY wedding flowers! 

Shop wholesale flowers. You can order flowers online but I would recommend going to your local Trader Joes, or outdoor market to hand select the flowers you want. 

Buy and assemble your wedding flowers a day or two before you need them. Store the flower bouquets prior to use in a cool clean space. 

Remove foliage from flowers, so you are essentially dealing with a flower and its stem.

Group similar flowers and criss cross stems as you add flowers. Here is a great video tutorial that covers all the basics and gives a step by step for how to make a wedding bouquet

Once you have a grouping of flowers use floral tape to wrap the flower stems. You can pick up floral tape at any craft store or florist. 

Trim the stems so they are even, make sure you leave enough room for holding, or to place the bouquet in a vase.

Wrap the stems with ribbon to hide the floral tape. Feel free to be more creative. Here is a post from 100 Layer Cake, DIY bridal bouquets where they use antique hankies to wrap the flower stems. It is pretty darling. 

Style me pretty also provides a step by step for DIY wedding flowers that is worth checking out. And if you are looking to add a little wow to your DIY wedding bouquet consider bouquet jewelry.  

I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried DIY wedding flowers or is thinking of it. 



Dishing for Dana! The Broke Ass Bride needs our help

If you don't already know her you should. Dana, better known as the Broke Ass Bride is a wonderful person and a fantastic wedding blogger.  

I recently learned that Dana has an autoimmune disease. In her case this means her immune system attacks her eyes. There is no cure and it leads to blindness if left untreated.  

Dana is holding an online fundraiser to be able to afford her medical costs and to raise money for the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association to help others.  

I'm participating in her online fundraiser. Everyone who makes a dishing for Dana donation of any amount gets access to an awesome compilation of comfort food recipes from other amazing bloggers. There are also lots of other ways to get involved, including submitting dishing for dana recipes

If you are interested in participating or in reading more check out Dana's story. It is an incredible one filled with optimism and strength. 

Dana, thank you for all that you’ve done to inspire others.