Picture Trend: Wedding Balloons!



Picture Trend: Wedding Balloons!  A recent trend is to take wedding balloons pictures

Most people think of wedding balloons as wedding decorations. There are many uses for wedding baloons, including as a less expensive alternative to flowers, or as wedding favors for kids. And wouldn't wedding balloons be fun at a picnic wedding

Today's wedding balloon trend finds more and more couples using wedding balloons as props for their wedding pictures. This photo is from the Knotty Bride, and is a perfect example of how romantic and whimsical wedding balloons can look. 

What is your favorite thing about this wedding balloon picture? 



Feather Wedding Dresses

feather wedding dresses

Feather Wedding Dresses. Oh feathers! These dresses are from designer Matthew Williamson's newest collection and they are georgeous! Love these ostrich feather dresses!

I must have feathers on the brain, a few days ago I posted about feather hair extensions and now this. But can you blame me? When I saw these dresses I had to.

Even though I'm not sure I could pull off a feather wedding gown. I still love them. I love them for everyone who can. 

These unique wedding dresses are as stylish as they are original. Want more feathers? Check out Onewed's section on feather wedding dresses

Would you wear a feather wedding gown


Stuck On You! Magnets DIY Wedding Favors

Magnets DIY Wedding Favors

Stuck on You! Magnets DIY Wedding Favors. These little bundles of cuteness are the perfect do it yourself wedding favor. They can be made using any type of paper: recycled cards, cardstock, stamped cardstock, scrapbooking sheets, even magazines. 

After reading Not Martha's post to make marble magnets I had to make them myself. So I set off to my craft store, Ben Franklin and this is what I did. 

I used modge podge instead of glue and I used glass instead of acrylic bobbles, but the results were awesome. I also used a 1" circular punch out, saving me the time of having to cut out circles. And I used E-6000 to glue the magnets on. So long as you allow for drying time in between steps these little magnets are easy peasy to make.

And they would make unique weding favors that would double as cheap wedding favors. Two for one. 

If you are looking for a finishing touch to these homemade wedding favors. I particularly like a metal tin container (like in the image above). And I did some research. You can order these tins from a site like The Knot and they come with personalized stickers. 

If you are looking to buy magnets such as the ones above, many retailers on Etsy, such as HoneyBunnyPaperie, sell them, and they are reasonably priced if you are looking to give them as gifts, but they are a bit pricey as wedding favors. 

These little magnets make great gifts for any occasion, and would be darling as bridesmaids gifts. Why not create a unique set for each member of your bridal party or family?

I've found a new hobby! Anyone else stuck on magnets? 




Bling it up! Bouquet Jewelry!

bouquet jewelry, made u look photography

Bling it up! Bouquet Jewelry! It's all about the sparkle. Make your wedding bouquet glamorous! And add a little bling to your wedding flowers. 

And this bling won't break the bank. There are so many options and bouquet accessories to choose from that you won't have trouble finding just the right amount of glam for your taste. Brenda's wedding Blog shares some of the latest bouquet crystals for your wedding flowers.

If you are looking to buy crystal bouquet jewelry, including a bouquet jewelry butterfly (my favorite), you can find it at Weddingish. Or you can also find bouquet accessories of all kinds, including pearls, from Northwest Bridal. 

I love sparkly. Put something shiny in front of me and I'm instantly distracted. That could be why I love the glitz of flower bouquet jewelry. There is something reminiscent of old Holywood in this bouquet wedding trend




Flirty Feathers - Feather Hair Extensions! 

feather hair extensions

Flirty Feathers- Feather Hair Extensions! Feather hair extensions are all the rage. Even Steven Tyler has them. And even though I'm not the most daring girl in the world, I honestly can't wait to get one.

Salon feather extensions can be a little pricey so if you are looking to diy here are a few options: Zeezoes on Etsy has all the supplies for salon quality feather hair extensions.  And the post by the ambitious procrastinator has feather hair extension pictures and a great step by step. 

Feather beauty is rapidly becomming a wedding trend. One wed, discusses how feather hair extensions are being incorporated into wedding hair extensions.  

I love this idea for bridesmaids. Especially as an activity do to with the girls at the bachlorette party. Or how about adding flirty feather hair extensions that include your wedding colors?

The nice thing about hair feather extensions is you can choose a feather that compliments your hair color for a subtle bit of flair. Or go as bold as you dare, feathers come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. And they can be treated like your own hair.  

What do you think? Flirty feathers anyone?