A Tisket A Tasket A Picnic Wedding Basket


source: Picnic wedding by Rachel Thurston featured on Green Wedding Shoes

A Tisket a Tasket a Picnic Wedding basket. The idea of having a picnic wedding is just fun! The photo above is from a real life picnic wedding reception. This couple provided sheets for their guests to use as picnic blankets. *adorable*  You'll notice the bride is wearing a tea length wedding dress

There is something magical about a picnic. A mixture of nostalgia, whimsy, and romance. I love the idea of a picnic wedding reception. Friends and family gathered outdoors enjoying a lovely picnic in the park. Why not forgo the traditonal hall in lieu of a lighthearted picnic wedding?

Still, I think a picnic wedding is a little daring. And would probably work best with a small guest list. If you aren't ready to go 'all picnic' why not consider mixing in a little picnic fun.  Consider an outdoor wedding, a picnic wedding theme, or even serving picnic appetizers. Afterall, the spirit of a picnic is contagious and it is a great way to celebrate any occasion.

For example, Design Sponge features a couple who celebrates their one year anniversary with a provencal picnic. *so romantic*

What do  you think of the picnic wedding trend or of any of these real-life picnics?  



Style This! Wedding Hair Extensions 

wedding hair extensions

Style This! Wedding hair extensions. Looking to add a little wow to your hair? Hair extensions are an easy way to add volume and get the wedding hairstyle you really want. And they work on all hairtypes. 

There are many hair extension options. The long hair extension shop offers a pretty good summary of the choices facing anyone looking for hair extensions.   

I highly recommend Jessica Simpson hair extensions. They are reasonably priced and come in a host of colors. And even her synthetic hair extensions can be heated and styled. I'm a fan of her clip in hair extensions.

The trick to beautiful hair extensions is to have a professional place and style them along with your natural hair. This can involve coloring or cutting the hair extensions to make them a natural fit.   

And the best part, for clip in hair extensions, once you learn how to place them you can use them again and again. Add a little flower hair accessory and voila picture perfect everytime.

Who has tried or is thinking of trying hair extensions? 



O' Flower Where Art Thou! Hair Flower Accessories


hair flower accessory source made u look photography

O' Flower Where Art Thou! Hair Flower Accessories. Whether you prefer real or homemade hair flower clips, hair flower accessories are a must! They are the perfect accent to any outfit! It is after all impossible not to feel pretty with a flower in your hair.

If you are looking for beautiful hair flower accessories check out Mad Madam Mim's on Etsy.  Her prices are amazingly good, ranging from $6-$10. And her flowers are adorable. She also has flower headbands (of which I own 3), feather hair accessories, wedding flower hair accessories and more. I would sew but she gives me no reason to.

Still, if you are looking for diy hair flower clips you can check out Homemade by Jill for a great hair flower tutorial.

Want to see more flower hair pieces? Femme Talks shares their top flower picks for 2011.

And last but not least as beautiful as hair flower accessories are, they make the most amazing bows. They would be the perfect way to wrap your bridesmaids' gifts.


Tea Time! Tea Length Wedding Dresses 


tea length wedding dress

Tea Time! Tea Length Wedding Dresses are making a comeback. There is something darling about these tea length bridal gowns. Inspired by 50's fashion these are the perfect fit for brides who are looking to combine flair with old school charm.

The good thing about tea length wedding dresses is that they flatter pretty much any figure, and let's face it they are adorable. Tea length dresses make ideal destination wedding dresses, since they are easier to move from place to place. And while in the past, considered informal wedding dresses, today that couldn't be farther from the truth. 

London designer Candy Anthony's recent bridal collection is further proof that tea length wedding dresses aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Rock n Roll Bride points out a series of places brides can find a vintage tea length wedding dress

I do love tea length dresses. They are the epitomy of girly. In fact my 80's prom dress was one, but that was pretty much the only good thing about my 80's prom dress. Oh shucks darn, looks like I don't have a picture of that. ;) 

So what do you think? Is it tea time? 




Move over Cupcakes! Cake Pops are taking over!

cakepopsMove over Cupcakes! Cake pops are taking over! Cake pops are everywhere. Even Starbucks is selling them. And it is no wonder. Who doesn't love cake on a stick?

Check out the cake pops recipes from Bakerella, if you are up to making them yourself. And if you aren't ready to trade in a traditional cake consider cake pops wedding favors or even birthday cake pops! And why not do cake pops martha stewart style and build a lollipop stand that I swear was intended for cake pops anyway!

So what's it gonna be cupcake or cake pop?