20 ways to unveil your veil

20 creative ways to unveil your veil. When I got married i was very torn over whether to wear a veil or not. I eventually decided not to go with the veil, but if I had seen these amazing veil pictures beforehand I'd have changed my mind. If you are thinking of sporting a short veil, a birdcage veil, or long veil let yourself be inspired by these 20 creative veil pictures. 

1. How amazing is this picture? Love the veil as it softly cascades over the stunning back of this wedding dress.  

2. This bride wrapped in her veil is adorable and it makes for a sweet picture. 

3. Why not add a little veil to your boudoir pictures? Very sexy. 

4. A beautiful moment where the bridal party prepares to drape the bride in her veil. 

5. The kiss under a veil is somehow made even more perfect. 

6. Love how this picture is taken through the veil as it blows in the wind. 

7. This picture taken from the top of the stairs would be perfect for a first look, walking down the stairs with flowing veil following, on your way to see your groom or father. 

8. Your flower bouquet even more stunning when framed with your veil. 

9. A small birdcage veil and an upward glance are the perfect way to showcase your lovely lashes. 

10. Such sweetness the bride and groom holding hands and the veil in the background. I love the veil's lace details. 

11. This picture could be one of my favorites. How about a little kiss through the veil? You can feel the passion in this shot. 

12. This picture is a perfect way to capture the back of your dress and your stunning long veil. I love the vintage feel to this one. 

13. Here is a ring shot and a veil shot in one. 

14. Love this, why not wear a fishtail braid and sport a short veil? Georgeous. 

15. A beautiful moment-a wind blown veil and a tender kiss. 

16. Your veil and your personalized wedding hanger. Makes for an awesome getting ready shot. 

17. Add a hair flower accessory to your veil. Such a romantic touch. 

18. Another one of my faves a little birdcage veil goes a long way. 

19. A gentle head touch through the veil. I love how the bride pulls the veil around her. 

20. This veil shot is of the couple's first dance. I love that the bride chose to leave her veil on for the first dance- that and the light make for a fabulous picture and moment. 

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3 Reasons to have a boudoir session and a giveaway

3 reasons to have a boudoir session and a giveaway. 

If you are debating if a boudoir shoot is for you here are 3 reasons why we say boudoir is beautiful. 

#1. It's about pampering yourself - Who doesn't like to look and feel beautiful? A boudoir shoot is a perfect opportunity to pamper yourself. Get your hair, get your make up done. Do the little extras that will pamper you and remind you just how amazing you are. 


2. It is about being sexy- Not getting naked. There is little more powerful than a woman who feels sexy. It is one of the most freeing and empowering experiences a woman can have. And being able to capture that on film is what boudoir is all about. 


3. It is a way to immortalize you- We all know life happens, why not remember this time in your life. Everytime you or your partner takes a look at these pictures you know you will both smile. Look and feel your best and capture that moment to live on forever. Can you think of a better way to celebrate your wedding or anniversary or even just your everyday? 


Having said that... we've partnered with Adorii, the premiere destination sales event wed-site for engaged couples, their guests, and attendants, and Emerald City Boudoir to offer you a fabulous Boudoir Session giveaway.

Enter to win 12 Boudoir photos (the perfect number for a calendar) from Emerald City Boudoir.  (Note the shoot is on location in Seattle.) 

How to enter: 

Get one entry for each of these.  Feel free to enter more than once. 

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On Oct 1st we will randomly draw a winner from the comments on both blogs. Good Luck! 


Pictures of Grooms seeing their brides for the first time. 

Pictures of Grooms seeing their brides for the first time- I got this idea from my husband. He said that I should do a post on the groom's reaction when he first sees his bride.

Maybe you are planning on breaking tradition and going with a First Look, or maybe your preference is for your groom to first see you when you walk down the aisle. One thing is certain; the moment a groom first sees his bride is always magical. And it is a moment that he, and you will remember forever. 

Here are a collection of pictures that tug on the heart strings. These pictures are so filled with raw emotion and love it makes you feel lucky just to see them. 

image by Victor Zerga

image by Christina Brosnanimage by suggs photographyimage by Samuel Lippkeimage by Andrea Lindquistimage by Amber Davisimage by Aric and Casey photography

image by Jon Mark Photoimage by Simply Bloom Photography image by Meridith Perdueimage by Elarioimage by Karl Maasdam

image by Michelle Newell 


Mason Jar Love: 10 creative ways to use mason jars

Mason Jar Love- Mason jars have a very classic appeal, combine that with the fact that they are so versatile and it is no wonder they are loved everywhere. But these DIY mason jars have come a long way from just holding jam. Here are 10 ways to make the most out of your mason jars. 

1. Mason Jar Chandelier. I love this. What a pretty piece to decorate. This one was used at a wedding, but the look and feel of these mason jar chandeliers are perfect anywhere. Here is a DIY for a mason jar chandelier, this one is for an electrical chandelier so you'd need to adapt it.  


2.Go for the gold- or silver mason jar. A little paint can go a long way. Painted mason jars make for very pretty vases for every room in the house. Here are a few mason jar painting DIY: how to paint a mason jar, how to tint a mason jar, and creating look-a-like mercury glass mason jars

3. Perfect for a DIY backdrop - hanging mason jar candles and ribbon. How pretty would this be for an outdoor party? Here is the DIY for how to make these hanging mason jar lovelies. 


4. Not much is cuter than food served in a mason jar. Makes for the perfect presentation and gift. Don't believe me check out these 50 mason jar food ideas, including my fave peanut butter cups. Yum. 

5. Drink to this- Mason jar wine glasses, also known as redneck wine glasses are easy to make and very fun. Plus you can use this DIY mason jar wine glass tutorial to create variations of these jars, like taller candle holders or mason apothecary jars. 

6. Light it up- backyard lights made from mason jars. You can find these from Sweettea. If you are good with electrical and want to try this one out here's a light mason jar DIY that will get you started. So pretty. 

7. Wrap it with Twine. You can decorate mason jars in endless ways but these twine ones make stunning centerpieces. Here is the DIY mason jar twine, but feel free to adapt it to add lace, doilies, even chalkboard paper

8. Smile for the Camera- mason jar frames. Cut your photos so they fit and display them in mason jars. So unique and charming. And if you want to add a little vintage feel here is a vintage photo DIY where you add oil and a picture to your mason jar. 


9. Drink it up! Pre-made and ready to go mixed cocktails in mason jars. Love this idea for any kind of backyard bash. Here are some fun cocktail recipes to go with those mason jars: strawberry moonshine jullep and a champagne mojito


10. Soap it up- the soap dispenser mason jar. Practical and amazing. Here is an easy DIY for soap dispenser mason jars

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Anyone tried any of these out? I really want to make the mason jar mercury glass. So pretty for the holidays. 


10 amazing pictures to save the date with

There are so many fun ways of letting guests know they need to save the date. And one of them is to take a picture with a picture prop. If you are planning on using a picture for your save the date let yourself be inspired by one of the creative pictures below. Here are 10 amazing picture save the date ideas. 

1. She said Yes! There are so many beautiful versions of this photo. But there is something about this one with its torn piece of paper and handwritten note that tug on the heartstrings. Love it.  

2. Everything is better with a little vintage. Throw in a vintage frame and a vintage suitcase and presto an adorable save the date. 

3. Say it with balloons. Really you should be able to say everything with balloons perfectly fun and amazing. 

4.Or how about say it with spoons. These vintage spoons engraved with the date of your wedding are lovely. Perfect for a rustic wedding or a couple who loves their kitchen.  

5. Grab an old window pane and your pup for a stand out save the date. 

6. Say it with shoes. The date written on the soles of your shoes is a winner. But then again most things involving shoes are. 

7. Scrabble anyone? If your couple is obsessed with word games than this is the save the date for you. 

8. Hang it. So simple and yet so cute. A few wooden numbers, some paint, and some string. You can't go wrong. 

9. Paint it. An empty canvas and paint makes for a great save the date. 

10.Write it on a Chalkboard. Chalkboards are all the rage and let's just say a chalkboard has never looked so good. I love how sweet this embrace is. 


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If you have more save the date photo ideas feel free to share them in a comment below.

Do you have a fave? I'm partial to 1 and 10.