10 trend setting wedding hairstyles for 2013

10 trend setting wedding hairstyles for 2013.  Looking for a new look? Check out these popular wedding hairstyles. And I've included DIY video tutorials for you to try these amazing styles out. Now you have a reason to get dressed up. 

1. Fall for Braids! Waterfall Braids- Braids are huge this year and show no signs of slowing down for 2013! The waterfall braid is especially beautiful because it works just as well for the boho bride as it does for a classic one. Here is a great video for DIY waterfall braids

source waterfall braids 2. Top it Off -a Ballerina Bun- It was actually my hairdresser who first introduced me to this DIY sock bun look. It is pretty and easy to do and the result is great. Another bun variation is the chestnut bun. Both looks are amazing for everyday or your wedding day. 

ballerina bun3. Good Catch- The Fishtail Braid- By far one of the most popular looks is the fishtail braid and so many people don't know how to do one. I found this really easy and clear  DIY fishtail braid video. The trick with the fishtail braid is to be able to loosen it. Like in this wedding hairstyle. You can also try out the fishtail braid updo version: fishtail braid updo

fishtail braid4. C'est Mignon- the Chignon Bun- The Chignon bun has made a comeback and will still be going strong in 2013. It screams classy and sophisticated. Here is a DIY wedding day chignon  tutorial or if you prefer a tutorial for a side braid chignon

chignon bun5. Get it Straight- Straight Hair - I always get a lot of questions about  how to style straight hair. And seeing as my hair is super straight you'd think I'd know. Brides who chose to wear their hair straight look adorable. Here are some helpful straight hair tips and a video for how to style your hair straight with a ceramic iron: straight wedding hair style

straight hairstyle

6. Vintage Vixen- Our obsession with vintage shows no sign of slowing down for 2013. Here are some fun video tutorials to create vintage hairstyles. Love the victory rolls and pin curls

vintage wedding hairstyles7. Do it with a French Twist- Once the only popular wedding hairstyle, the french twist is popping up everywhere. You can wear it messy like in the photo below of go with something much tighter for a neater and more classic look. Either way this DIY French Twist video will help. 

french twist8. Ride the Waves- I love hair waves. The look of loose wavy beach hair is soft and so romantic, but it isn't for everyone. Trust me I've tried. Here is a great step by step for mermaid curls or a video for how to get the beachy wavy look 

wavy hair9. Tie the Knot- a Knot Ponytail - The knot ponytail is perfect for the rustic wedding and it's a fun twist on the everyday pony. Here's a video to DIY the knot ponytail. How cute is this bride? 

the knot ponytail10. On the Romantic Side - hair that is styled to the side creates a very sweet and romantic look. Just make sure that you choose the side that will be in pictures, and facing your guests. Here is a video for how to get this sweet side sweep

side sweep style

Click on any of the pictures to see the original posts and image sources.  

Chances are the hairstyle you go with will be a combination of any of these styles. I highly recommend going wih a pro for your wedding day and setting up a hair and make up trial before hand. But get creative and try out a bunch of different looks, by yourself or with a friend. Isn't that what bridesmaids are for? And choose a hairstyle that works well not only for the style of your wedding but for the type of hair you have. This way you are guaranteed a hairstyle that suits you and will last. 

Which hair trend do you love? 


10 ways to do your something blue part 2

10 ways to do your something blue. This is my second post on this, but there are so many great ideas out there I had to do another. if you haven't already check out part 1:  10 ways to rock your something blue

1. Brooch it: This is actually my brooch bouquet and my something blue. I added a blue brooch to my brooch bouquet one that I got from my grandmother. I love the sentimental. I actually made my brooch bouquet and if you want to see how, check out my post on DIY brooch bouquet.  

2. Top it off- A pair of blue love birds makes the perfect cake topper and the sweetest something blue. 

3. Purse-ue your blue- The bride uses a bright blue purse, in the same way many brides wear bright blue shoes. It stands out and totally rocks.  

4. Hang on to blue- If blue isn't part of your color scheme and you are looking for a more subtle something blue consider a blue hanger. Your dress will need a hanger might as well make it a blue one. 

5. Monogram your blue- Celebrate something blue and the brides new initials, not on her dress but engraved on his sleeve instead. It is subtle and so sweet. 

6. Dress it up- Add your something blue to your wedding dress: tie a blue bow, a blue pin, or even a blue sash.  

7. You have my heart- I love this idea. Sew a blue heart made from the fabric of one of  your groom's blue shirts, or even your dad onto your wedding dress. So adorable. 

8. Unveil your blue- a subtle blue engraved heart is a sweet addition to any veil and an amazing something blue. 

9. I do blue- Use blue glittery sparkly I do stickers under your wedding shoes for your something blue. These are from Your Happily Ever After 

10. Tie it up- A sweet little something blue and a touching addition to the groom's tie. Plus you can make it a surprise. Love this. 

 1, Blue brooch by Mastin Studio, 2. Blue cake topper from Morgan The Creator, 3. Blue clutch purse by Patricia Lyons, 4. Blue wedding hanger by Sean Walker Photography, 5. Blue Monogram by Rebekah Westover, 6. Blue Pin by Alissa Ferullo Photography, 7. Blue heart on dress by Sequins and Candy Photography, 8. Blue heart on veil by McGowan Images, 9. Blue I do Stickers by YourHappilyEverAfter, 10. Blue engraving on tie by Jennefer Wilson Photography

Do you have a fave?


Drool worthy photos and a canvas print giveaway

Believe it or not after you get your wedding pictures you might have difficulty finding one that you can frame. Chances are you'll have lots of beautiful pictures but only a few that you can hang on your wall. So what makes a picture frame- worthy? Here are 5 things that take a photograph from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

1. Props: Often times the simple addition of props makes a picture really stand out. I love the black and white balloons as a picture prop. 

2. In the heart of it all: Even though this picture has more than just the couple it too would be beautiful to frame. Why? It captures the moment perfectly plus if you can't have balloons have bubbles. 

3. Tender moments are perfect for framing. And you'll notice no one has to be looking at the camera. 

4. Make eye contact: This one is so sweet. Only the bride makes eye contact but the bride's eyes say it all. 

5. A different angle: I love this picture especially because no one is looking directly at the camera. It is playful and would look great on the wall. 

images courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Canvas Art Giveaway- Turn your own drool-worthy, amazing, adorable, outstanding, and wow pictures into canvas art. 

Need more inspiration? Check out these 10 must-have wedding photos

And if you prefer you can choose to win one of  the following instead of a canvas print

vinyl banner : these would make great outdoor wedding signs. 

yard sign: these are perfect for outdoor weddings or directional signs.  

car magnets: these would be fun just married car signs. 

How to enter: In the comments below: describe the picture you would like to turn into canvas art. Perfect for past, present, soon-to-be brides, and of course moms. 

If you would prefer to win one of the other prizes, just specify that in your comment too.  

Get an extra entry when you follow girlywedding on Facebook or Twitter or Tweet or Like this post. And let me know in a separate comment. 

Get one entry per comment you leave. Feel free to enter to win more than one thing. 

I will randomly draw a winner from the list of comments August 25th. 

Good Luck!




10 must-know wedding planning tips from a pro

Recently, I asked my wedding planner to share 10 of her best wedding planning tips.  And lucky us she said yes. So here it is: 10 must know wedding planning tips from Chic by Shauna

1) Sole Mates are a must.  These comfy little shoe cushions are perfect for all heels and they make walking on grass, or cobblestone, or on uneven surfaces. 

2) Pack Zots. Zots are tiny clear sticker dots that are ideal for attaching all kinds of things like, signs, centerpieces, tags, even ribbons around cake displays.  

3) Get it to go- Have the caterers put together a plate of appetizers, dessert, even dinner for the bride and groom for the end of the night. Most times the bride and groom are so busy greeting guests and mingling that they don’t get to enjoy the food that they picked out for their special day. 

4) Chalk it up- A very popular trend today is to use chalkboards for wedding signs, labels, tags, etc. Bring a Chalkboard pen instead of chalk. Writing with a chalkboard pen is much easier and neater than using real chalk.

5) Flower Power- If the couple is looking to save money on floral centerpieces and bouquests they can always buy flowers wholesale or at a farmer's market. And either get a pro to assemble them or turn it into a fun activity to do with bridesmaids and moms. 

6) Be prepared with a wedding day emergency kit. Every planner needs a first aid kit for wedding including: fashion tape, safety pins, bobby pins, hairspray, bandaids, a sewing kit, deodorant, pen, paper, extra cash, checks, scissors etc. 

7) Flip Flop Basket- Put a basket of flip flops out on the dance floor. You can find inexpensive flip flops in many colors at Old Navy, and they are so appreciated when your guests want to dance the night away and their feet hurt from high heels. 

8) Late Night Snack- It is so important to keep your guests full. A late night snack tray with mini tacos, grilled cheeses, fries, sliders etc... is a great way to do this. You want your guests to stay and dance all night, and offering a late night snack will ensure they do.  

9) Little White Lie- With wedding schedules you want to make absolutely sure that all the wedding party attendants are on time for the rehearsal, ceremony etc. How do you do this? Tell them the scheduled event is at least a half an hour earlier than it really is. 

10) Get it in Writing- Make sure you have everything in writing from all your vendors! Arrival times, pick up times, prices, etc. A written copy is a must so no one needs to rely on their memories for what was agreed upon. 

 image by Studio 1208


3 things to consider when planning a honeymoon

3 Things to consider when planning a honeymoon vacation. The wedding is over and the honeymoon is next. It is never too early to start planning your honeymoon. And when you do here are 3 things, that may seem obvious, but are often overlooked that can make or break a honeymoon. 

1. The food- make sure that wherever you are going they serve food that you can actually eat. Getting a food related illness while travelling is anything but fun. So call ahead, read restaurant reviews, check travel sites and find out what the local cuisine is, and specifically what your resort or hotel serves.


2. The kind of honeymoon you want. There is a big difference between I want to relax on a beach all day and i want to sight see all of Europe. Nothing ruins a trip more than when one person's expecations for the trip are so different than the other. So get on the same page and make sure that your honeymoon has what you are both looking for. Do your research and use a resource like The Knot to discover unique honeymoon ideas that you both want. 


3. Accomodations. Where you stay is as important as where you choose to go. An unclean hotel or a resort under construction can completely ruin a trip. So use sites like yelp, tripadvisor, fodors, hotels.com, to get the most update reviews. Learn what others who have stayed at your hotel have said and don't just rely on a hotel star rating. Star ratings vary greatly from one place to another. 


 image from Blueberry Photography.