Let me see your Peacock! 10 ways to add a little Peacock to your day. 

Let me see your peacock! Beautiful peacock feathers and peacock colors make for stunning wedding inspiration year round. This idea was a request from one of my readers. Here are 10 ways you can show off your peacock! 

1. The peacock feather boutonniere is a classic if you are having a peacock theme. I really like the detail on the teal bow tie in this picture.  

2. Peacock colors for your bridesmaids. I particularly like these peacock touches, the hair accessories, the feathers in the bouquets, and the peacock blue bridesmaid dresses. You could choose to do just one of these and it would look just as pretty. 


3. Hair feathers are all the rage and this peacock feather headband is no exception. I love that it is paired with a purple bridesmaid dress. 


4. These peacock engraved champagne flutes are perfect for your first toast. A subtle way to incorporate your peacock theme. 

5. Just a few peacock feathers and a peacock blue icing- take this cake from ordinary to wow. 

6. A fun way to incorporate peacock feathers is to add them to a brooch bouquet. Glam up your peacock. 

7. Peacock inspired wedding programs make for pretty take home souvenirs. I can't be the only one who keeps wedding programs. 

8. Add a little peacock feather to your ring shot. A peacock feather makes a pretty background to show off your bling. 


9. Not into the peacock bird? You can always incorporate bright bold peacock colors, like this teal hair flower

10. And nothing sais a peacock wedding theme like peacock wedding cake toppers. I love the mini bow tie on the peacock 'groom'

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10 Wedding Websites That Every Bride Needs

10 Wedding Websites that Every Bride Needs. When I planned my wedding I spent so much time on the computer my fiance (who is a computer guy) had to drag me away from it.  

So much of my time on the computer was spent just trying to find the right websites to help plan and organize our wedding. There is so much stuff out there for couples planning that the choices can be overwhelming. Here is my list of the 10 Wedding Website you can't live without. 

1. Pinterest. If you don't know this site and you like to browse online, you should. In a nutshell it lets you save all the pretty pictures you find on the web. I ceated a board for my bridesmaids to help them pick the style and color of the bridesmaid dresses they wanted. I went with mix and match bridesmaid dresses, one color but any style they like.   

2. Cocodot - We decided to send out electronic emails for save the dates, and for the rehearsal dinner, and for the bachelor, bachlorette party and for a million and one other things you need to let your guests know about along the way. This site has free online cards that are exceptionally pretty, and classy. They come with an electronic envelop and seal, and you can customize everything. It is amazing. I now use it for birthdays and everything else. 

3. Wishpot - Wishpot did an amazing job for our wedding registry. We added items we wanted from multiple online sites. We set up charity donations, and even a honeymoon fund. It was easy as pie and guests really seemed to like it and it was free. You can check out our wedding registry here. 

4. Ebay - Since I wanted a whole lot of vintage touches in the wedding, I needed to find them. And I found many on Ebay. You have to get good at searching  but Ebay is just a wealth of great stuff that is hard to find. I bought supplies to make stuff, the silver vintage purses, vintage brooches, gifts... you get the idea. 

5. Etsy - Not only did I want vintage touches but I wanted handmade ones too. And Etsy was an absolute treasure for this. Mainly I used Etsy for little details, my wedding hanger, vintage candelabras, the husband's cufflinks, glitter banners, and supplies. 

6. - This is a free website that lets you set up your own wedding website. I highly recommend setting up a wedding website. Even though editing pages isn't super straightforward it isn't that tricky either. They really want you to stick to the template too. But it is free and it works. So hard to beat that. This is our wedding website

7. PaperMart - This site was soooo great when it came to purchasing packaging supplies. We bought the welcome bags here and all the little plastic containers for favors etc, all for one third the price of what you'd pay at any kind of favor shop. Plus they sell in bulk, but they offer smaller quantities, which is super helpful. If you are going to DIY favors this site is a must.

8. Weddinggawker - This is an amazing round up of recent blog posts that have great ideas for your wedding. Perfect for inspiration and total wedding eye candy.  

9. Skype- This isn't exactly a website but Skype was such a big part of my wedding planning. Most of my family and three of my bridesmaids were remote, Skype made it possible to see their shoes, dress, pick wedding invites etc...

10. Google Docs - Ok not exactly a website either, but instead it is one of the best kept secrets of wedding planning. Google docs is great for so many wedding planning things. We used the Wedding Address Book Template to collect addresses and keep track of thank you cards.  


Do you have wedding websites that you are partial to? Let me know in the comments. 

computer bride cake topper source etsy



10 Must-Have Wedding Pictures

10 must have wedding pictures. Our wedding has come and gone and one of the things I wish I had payed a little more attention to was thinking about the kinds of wedding pictures we would take. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love our pictures but there are some stunning wedding photographs out there. I've compiled a list of 10 must-haves. 

1. Sign Me Up- Wedding Signs are just so sweet. Whether they are chalkboard, or banners, having that little extra sign as a wedding picture prop just makes your wedding picture POP. I adore the vintage feel to this picture. 

2. So Close- So many pictures like this can look so posed. But here it feels like the couple is sharing a moment and the photographer just happened to capture it on film. The result kinda takes your breath away. 

3. Sunset- This picture is one of my faves. Not many people manage to get sunset pictures, because most people have to leave their wedding reception to take them. But with results like this, it may just be worth sneaking out for. 

4. Flower Power- This shot is so beautiful, the emphasis on the bouquet, in this case brooch bouquet (which you already know I love) with the couple just blurred out in the background. It makes for an amazing shot. 

5. Sweet Cheek - I love this shot. The placing of his kiss on her cheek it is just darling and PG. A good one for framing. Plus isn't the bride so pretty? 

6. Hot Kiss- Wow. You need at least one shot of a steamy kiss. It isn't for the faint of heart but it is a beautiul memory of your day. And one for the groom to keep in his wallet. 

7. Up Against a Wall - Sometimes doing things a little different like resting against a wall can result in an unforgetable shot. Like say this one. So get creative. 

8. It has a Nice Ring To It - A popular wedding picture is an unforgetable close up of your wedding rings. This one in a rose is no exception. 

9. Take a First Look - It is a sweet way to share the moment privately, before all eyes are on you. This is something we did right before the ceremony, and it made such a difference, plus it makes for some pretty cute pictures like the series below. 

10. On The Horizon - A shot of the couple with a view like this is not to be missed. This one is actually us and this is the beautiful view from Orcas island, Washington, this past February. 

Feel free to include links in the comments to more unforgetable wedding pictures. I love adding to my collection. 

sources: sign me up, so close photography by Andria Lindquist, sunset photography by San Luis Obispo, flower power photography by Tasha Owens, sweet cheek photography by jenni ireland, hot kiss, up against a wall- photography by Nora and Chris by , It has a nice ring to it photography by captured by Jen, take a first look photography by Brandon Worth, on the horizon photography by mastin studios.  

Well much has happened since our wedding day. When I started blogging I promised myself I wouldn't apologize for not being able to blog often. I'm sure every blogger feels this way at some point but sometimes life just gets in the way. So there you have it, my apology for not blogging enough. And in other news life just seems to keep getting busier. The husband and I are expecting. :) 





Oh baby it is a Giveaway

Oh baby it is a giveaway- now who doesn't love FREE stuff? That is what I thought. The giveaway is for $100 towards any Minted stationery, wedding invitation or wedding product.

I chose 5 of my Minted faves here... but you can use  your $100 for any of their other stationery designs too. 


So  how to enter? Well if you haven't already follow me on Twitter and become a fan of Facebook - cause those are just lovely things to do...

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I'll randomly draw a winner on Feb 8th

Good Luck xo






Whimsical Winter Weddings

Whimsical Winter Weddings - I love Winter. It could be because I grew up in the land of Snow (Canada) or because there is something so serene and pretty about winter. It might also be because we are having a winter wedding.

Here are 10 winter photos that will make you fall in love with winter weddings too. 

1. How beautiful is this moment between this couple? And the bride looks stunning in her ivory bolero. 

2. Nothing says winter like snuggling and mugs full of pine cones. A must have winter shot. 

3. This shot is georgeous. The water in the background gives this picture a feeling of motion. 

4. Let us not forget the winter muff. A pretty use of a winter tradition. 

5. Love this. It is playful and fun. Now I want to see them throw the snowballs at each other. Cause you know they did. 

6. This shot is amazing. The couple walking off into the distance, fur coat, winter boots and all. 

7. How fun is this? Love the red glove and the use of couches!

8. Evergreens with snow make a perfect landscape for this winter wedding shot. 

9. The couple just fades into the beauty of this winter scenery. 

10. All bundled up and walking through the woods on a snowy afternoon. Love this. I'm a little biased this one is us. :) 

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Fall in love with winter yet?