I heart you ~ Ten ways to add hearts to your wedding

I heart you - Ten ways to add hearts to your wedding. In the spirit of Valentines here are a few ways to add hearts to your wedding. From the subtle to the overt here are ten fun ways of incorporating hearts in your wedding. 

 1. Better than carving a heart on tree. This wooden heart decoration makes the perfect backdrop to an outdoor ceremony. 

2 Ok I really heart this- Remember my post on alternatives to flower bouquets? Well this bride went with heart bouquets, and it is just fun. 

3. You've heard of rose colored glasses? What about heart shaped glasses? Love this picture prop

4. A few hearts and some twine and you have one heck of a cute seating chart. 

5. This save the date belongs to my lovely friends and i adore the heart made from their fingerprints

6. These heart shoe clips are amazing - they make me giddy. 

7. A giant flower heart might not be for everyone but it makes for a stunner picture. 

8. Pretty heart garland -a fun picture prop that can be used as home decor after. At least that is what I'd do with it. 

9. Don't have hearts on hand? Not a problem.   
10. Replace confetti with heart balloons- not something your guests will soon forget.  

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 Hearts aren't just for valentines day! They make a fun detail for any occasion and they are just so darn girly <3. Which is your fave heart? 


Ten creative ways to say thank you

Ten creative ways to say thank you. Looking for ways to thank your guests? Here are 10 thank you ideas that say thank you with flair. 

1. Stay Sharp- I love this idea. Need your guests to sign guest books, or fill out crosswords?... Thank them at the same time. 

2. Plank you! A 2 x 4 makes for a great DIY thank you sign. I like the handwritten touch.    

3. Top of the Table- This sentiment is simply beautiful and anyone who sits down at the table to read it will feel the heartfelt thanks. I love that it decorates the napkin. 

4. Say it with sand. This idea is perfect for a destination wedding. 

5. Book Smarts- If you love books, this book inspired thank you is amazing. 

6. Bring on the Banner. Thank you banners are awesome. I love this one because the colors of the sign are echoed in the vintage signs.  

7. Wear if you dare- Why hold a sign when you can wear it? Have Thank you t-shirts made and grab your camera the result is pretty cute. 

8. Box it up- These boxes make for a beautiful thank you. 

9. Kiss and thank- Love it.  You can always add the thank you with software like photoshop. 

10. Don't just say it FRAME it! I love this framed thank you, especially the DIY touch. Love frames? Check out how to add frames to your wedding.


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We will probably do more than one of these... I heart number three and I love the framed thank you too! How did you thank your guests? 


Best 11 wedding trends of 2011

As we begin 2012 here's a quick look back at the best 11 wedding trends of 2011. A little classic, a little chic, some pretty and whole lot of fun! 

1. BRAID IT! Oh yes hair braids are everywhere. And is it any wonder they are so pretty. Love this waterfall braid. 


2. VERY VINTAGE- Vintage is in as are vintage engagment bands like this little lovely. 

3. All hail the Pale! - Pale bridesmaid dresses made a huge impact on 2011. A suble beautiful.  

4. MIX IT UP- Your bridesmaid dresses that is. Mix n match and your bridesmaids will love you forever.  

5. DON"T MAKE ME BLUSH- Blush and other pale colored wedding dresses were seen on runways everywhere. Can you say Reese Witherspoon? 

6. HI LOW HI LOW ITS OFF TO WORK I GO- Sing this tune and show off your dancing shoes in hi low hemlines. 

7. TAKE A BOW- Yes bows of all shapes and sizes were visible on dresses, belts, shoes, hats, hair accessories, wedding decor and of course on grooms as bowties. 

8. AND - This fun little ampersand symbol is just everywhere and it is a must have photo. 

9. MAKE IT POP- Adorable little pops were all the rage, cake pops, pie pops, the more the better.  

10. KICK IT- Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaids, grab your rainboots, cowboy boots, or just any boots and join this trend. 

11. HELLO JELLO- Who knew but jello shots dress up nicely too. They make a fun icebreaker at the cocktail party, or as a wedding favor. 

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So fun! Let me know if I missed any. And which do you think have staying power....


2011 wedding dress trend hi low hemlines

the knotsource beholdensource the peppermintprettysource bellethemagazinereal bride marisa (her wedding is coming soon) photography by jenni Ireland

source jaggerphotographysource barefoot bridalsource fashion tribes

Why go long when you can go short and long? The high low hemline sometimes sometimes called a mullet dress left its mark in 2011. And those high hemlines are a great way to show off those something blue shoes! It is the best of both worlds.

What do you think? Is there a high low hemline in your future? 


5 Geeky Groom Gifts 

5 Geeky Groom Gifts. Maybe it is because I live in Seattle, the land of Microsoft that I find these so cute. But if you have a geeky guy in your life here are some binary inspired gifts. 

1. Binary Cufflinks- I had a pair of these made by The Silver Diva for my little geeky groom. I showed them to him already. I'm not particulary good at keeping secrets. And I got a big two thumbs up, way up. If you like them you need to custom order them, she doesn't have a picture  in her shop. My favorite part: they say 'love'binary cufflinks by the silver diva2. More binary adorableness-wall art and this time in the shape of a heart. binary wall art by the wallaroo3. Why not wear a little binary? This one comes in unisex -so it is perfect for the geeky gals out there too. binary hoodie by FeistyFashion4. A binary tie clip might just be what every geek needs that is when you can get one to wear a tie. :) binary tie clip by dreadnoughtworkshop5. And if your geek loves coffee and tea this tea cozy would make a great stocking stuffer. Yes I'm already thinking of the holidays. binary tea cozy by sewtara6.Whoa! I'm including this last one cause not only does it have binary code it has swarsky crystals too! Now there is a combo you don't see too often. And for good reason. Oh la la geeky tie by handfullofyesSo what do you think? Did I pick the right binary inspired gift?