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5 Ways to Belt Bridesmaid Dresses

5 Ways to Belt Bridesmaid Dresses- Now, the popular wedding dress trend of adding a sash to your dress, isn't just for brides. Bridesmaid dresses too, look great when belted. The belt can be part of the dress or something you add on.

A belted bridesmaid dress draws the eye, flatters the waist, and is a great way of tying in wedding colors. 

1. A long flowy dress looks stunning when belted with a solid color sash. 


2.  Two-tone bridesmaid dresses pop when belted with a metalic color. 


3. A bigger bolder belt is a fun way to call out your maid of honor. 


4. The same color belt creates a flattering silhouette in a more subtle way. 

 5. Belts aren't just for long dresses either. Add a sash to a short bridesmaid dress as a fun accent piece. 

images provided by David's Bridal

Which belted bridesmaid dress is your favorite?