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5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends

5 Bridesmaid dress Trends. When you think bridesmaid dresses consider these 5 fun bridesmaid dress trends. And get your girls a bridesmaid dress they won't want to take off. Perfect for mix and match bridesmaids and a more traditional bridesmaid look. 

1. Two Tones- Bright and pale colors look stunning when paired with a solid color bodice. So go on choose two tones for your bridesmaids. 

2. Embellishments- Bridesmaid dresses with embellishments are poppping up everywhere. A few embellishments can go a long way. 

3. Sequins. Welcome back Sequins, whether you like a little or a lot -sequin bridesmaid dresses just pop. 

4. Cutwork. Bridesmaid dresses with cut outs are modern and fun. Not to mention stunning.  

5. Lace. Lace is also back. You can ruffle it, layer it, or use it to cover a cut out. Show a little skin and a whole lot of lace. 

And the great thing about these bridesmaid dresses is they can easily be dressed up or down and can even be worn as wedding guest dresses. Wedding guest dresses from ASOS are an affordable option for your girls. Your bridesmaids can get the maximum wear out of their dress.  

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