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Wedding Trend, Brooch Bouquets


Wedding Trend, Brooch Bouquet. Miranda Lambert, a well known country star just married Blake Sheldon another country artist and a judge on The Voice. (Which is my guity pleasure) At their wedding Miranda Lambert opted for a brooch bouquet. Pictured above is the wedding brooch bouquet Miranda Lambert had.

What I like best about the vintage brooch bouquet is that she had the bouquet made from vintage brooches given to her by friends and family. That little personal touch is so sweet. If you are crafty and want to make your our own vintage brooch bouquet check out my post on Brooch Bouquet DIY.

Miranda Lambert's vintage brooch bouquet creator is The Ritzy Rose. And she did a pretty spectacular job. Below I included more examples of brooch bouquets from Ritzy Rose.


vintage brooch bouquets1. Wouldn't number one be pretty for a winter wedding: silver and sparkly. 

2. The colors in the second one would be lovely for a Spring or Summer wedding.

3. And the third bouquet is my favorite a mix of vintage brooches and silk flowers. 

What do you think of the brooch bouquet trend?


DIY Wedding Bouquet! Brooch Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet! Brooch Bouquet.  Behold the brooch bouquet. These vintage brooch bouquets are completely unique and no two are alike. They are an alternative to traditional wedding bouquets and they last forever. I also love that they make use of vintage brooches, lonely earrings, rings and pretty much anything else in the back of your jewelry drawer. 

I love that these long forgotten pieces can be born again into a brooch bouquet. It is the perfect 'something old' for your day.  





I knew immediately that I wanted to make a brooch bouquet. 

I found a crafty brooch bouquet DIY from Emmaline bride and another brooch bouquet bride from Offbeat Bride. And if you prefer video, this three part how to make a brooch bouquet does a very good job. 

Here is the step by step I used for my DIY brooch bouquet.

Begin with an artificial flower bouquet

Create brooch flowers. Take each of your brooches and attach a piece of wire to them, so it looks like a stem. Wrap the brooch stem with floral tape. 

Cover the artificial bouquet with the brooch flowers. Here you can choose to let some of the artificial flowers show through or you can add fillers. I added ribbon silk roses. Here is the tutorial for the DIY silk ribbon rose flowers. And I just glued those onto the artifical flowers. 

Wanna see the finished product?

5. I included one pink heart brooch, because we had hot pink as an accent wedding color and the heart brooch was a gift from my father. 

6. To tie the brooch theme into the rest of the wedding we gave each of our bridesmaids and our moms a brooch, and a vintage silver purse. 



I also included a brooch with blue in it, that belonged to my English grandmother, as my something blue.

I was lucky enough to inherit most of my brooches but if you don't have a jewelry drawer full of hidden treasures, head to your local garage sale, flea market or thrift shop. 

Has anyone made their own brooch bouquet?

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