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10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

10 creative wedding guest book ideas. I have been on a serious hunt for unique wedding guest books. There is something really beautiful about collecting memories. I was the kid who loved to get her high school yearbook signed. And would read each signature over and over again. That is what I want for our wedding guest book. Something we can read over and over again; remember and smile. 

1. Two birds with one stone - This idea is perfect for a couple that has a pond or a rock garden. Get yourself some pretty rocks and have guest sign them. Use the stones as centerpieces and even as table numbers.    

2. Power Prints- this is a variation of the fingerprint tree guest book or the wedding balloon guest book and it is super adorable. Little couple finger prints. Cartooning encouraged. 

3. Sign a ....chair? Have guests sign something that you'll use: a bench, a chair, a bookcase. Make your guest 'book' momento a permanent part of your home.  

4. Good Things come in little packages- I love little bunches of things; little notes, little cards, kind little words. These little cards could be dropped off at each table, signed, and later collected or displayed. 

5. Get Puzzled- This idea can be pretty pricey but I love it anyway. Have an engagement picture made into a puzzle and then have guests sign the puzzle pieces. 

6. It's a date!- If you are like me and never remember birthdays then this is the guest book for you. Have guests sign a calendar on their birthday. Just think how impressed your guests will be when you never forget again.  

7. If I could save time in a capsule- A time capsule wedding guest book. I love this idea but I could never do it. Wait five years? I'm way too curious for that. If I had more patience it would make for a very special anniversary. 

8. Poster it!- Have guests sign a big poster board. I like this because you can tie in a favorite, quote, saying, lyric plus lots of space to write lots of sweet nothings.

9. Polaroid camera- There are so many variations of this wedding guest book. But it is no wonder guests can instantly take a picture, get it, and sign it. Mix that with photobooth fun and your wedding guest book becomes a built in party. 

10. Coffee talk- coffee table books make great wedding guest books. This is especially cute for a destination wedding. Have guests sign a picturesque hardcover book that describes the culture of where you've chosen to wed. 

(sources from top to bottom,  Francis Joseph, The Shooting Gallery, Clark and Walker, I wished for you, Bella Puzzles Too, The Bright Life, Krystal Mann, Lindsay Borden, Marianne Taylor, Edwardo Lopez Special thanks to Meghan from @weddingdecals on Twitter for #10) 

I found so many great wedding guest book ideas that there is going to be a part two (here it is more wedding guest book ideas) to this post. Do you have a favorite? I love number 4, 8, and 9. Looks like I might need more than one :)


Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Fingerprints!

wedding guest book ideasWedding Guest Book Ideas: Fingerprints. I love how wedding balloons and a tree along with your guests' fingerprints can serve as your wedding guest book. The wedding balloons guest book is a creative take on the fingerprint tree guest books that have become so popular. 

If you are having a wedding theme, extend it to your guest book. And don't feel that a guest book need be a book at all. Today there are so many wedding guest book alternatives that capture not only the people but the spirit of your day. 

Here's a DIY wedding guest book ideas post from Once Wed, where guests write love notes to the bride and groom. Wedding Bee also offers more creative wedding guest book ideas. My favorite being have guests sign a bench you'll keep in your home. 

And I think that is what wedding guests books should be about ~less about keeping track of who was there and more about remebering how they shared your day with you.