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DIY Gift Guide for Your First Anniversary

DIY Gift Guide for Your First Anniversary

Finding the perfect gift for a first anniversary can be tough. How can a physical gift express the joy and accomplishment of your first year of marriage?  If you’re abiding by traditional gift-giving rules, the first anniversary poses an even greater challenge—paper doesn’t seem very glamorous. Nevertheless, paper is a great starting point for lots of DIY gift projects. A personalized present is heartfelt, so paper-based gifts are a wonderful way to express your love. Here are some of my favorite paper-centric DIY ideas to make a first anniversary memorable.

Remember When Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking Isn’t Just for Girls

In the digital age, memories are just a camera click away. However, there’s nothing quite like a personalized photo album created by a loved one. Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be a female endeavor! Men shouldn’t have anything to fear from stickers or glue sticks; if you put together a scrapbook of old photos, ticket stubs, printed emails (anything related to your relationship), she’ll be blushing with surprise and elation.

Customize a Book

Books tend to make great first anniversary gifts, especially if your significant other likes to read. Write a heartfelt message inside the cover of a vintage copy of their favorite book or go the extra mile and pick up an autographed version of the latest book from that author they can’t get enough of. Another great option is to publish something personal. Many companies offer books that can be customized to fit your marriage and there are even services that will generate romance novels featuring the names of you and your spouse.


Fold Up Your Love

Origami is a cute way to embellish your anniversary plans. Learn to fold cranes, frogs, and other animals, and leave them around the house to surprise your spouse on the special day. Use a trail of folded creatures to lead your wife to the breakfast you’ve prepared for her. Origami boxes and envelopes are also inventive ways to wrap small gifts. Your spouse is sure to love your playfulness.

Remember Your Anniversary Every Day

When you tell your spouse how much you love them on your anniversary, it’s an awesome feeling. But why stop there? You can remind your spouse of your love every day! If you plan for your first anniversary in advance, you can create a custom page-a-day calendar. All you need is a stack of paper, a hole punch, and a few binder rings. On each sheet of paper (365—one for each day of the year), write down something you love about your spouse, a shared memory, a favorite photo, or anything else that celebrates your relationship. Don’t forget to label each page with the corresponding date and weekday. When you’re done, fasten your project with binder rings and get ready for a smile. It’s a lot of work, but the daily payoff is worth it. Your gesture will continue all the way until your next anniversary!


Make the Headlines

There’s no paper like the newspaper! Call up your local paper, pay for space in the classifieds section, and make a sentimental statement about your marriage. On the morning of your anniversary, present the paper to your spouse (along with a nice breakfast, of course) and watch their surprise as they read your tribute. For something a little less public, order a personalized book that chronicles all of the headlines and important events from your first year of marriage.


These are just a few anniversary projects you can create with paper. Your first anniversary gift isn’t as limiting as it might seem! In fact, you can use the opportunity to express your love and appreciation in heartfelt and inventive ways. With a little imagination, you’ll fondly remember your first anniversary for many years to come!

Guest Blog Post by Morgan Gray

(Thanks Morgan!)

We just celebrated our first anniversary and my hubby surprised me with 'paper' tickets to see Cirque du Soleil. Another fun paper idea. I'm not going to lie I didn't actually know the first year anniversary was paper. I would have gladly accepted more diamonds. :)