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Ways to Recycle your Engagement Cards 

How to keep your engagement cards. If you are like me you keep pretty paper of all kinds. I'm especially bad with cards. I keep them forever. If you've given me a card- good chance I stil have it. 

The lovely bride to-be Marisa, added a twist to the magnet wedding favor magnet post. And I LOVE it! 

Instead of recycling all those beautiful engagement cards... re-purpose them into DIY fridge magnets. Keepsakes that will last forever and totally look pretty fun on the fridge. 

You can of course make magnets of all your cards. Another fun idea would be to use your engagement card magnets as your wedding favors or even as a part of a scrapbooked wedding guest book


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Spice it Up! DIY Wedding Favors

DIY spice favor
Spice it up with DIY wedding favors. I love these. And better yet I love how easy these would be to make. But fear not if you aren't overly crafty these unique wedding favors are actually for sale on Etsy. And considering they come with the adorable chalkboard front, cork tops, and fresh herbs, they are very reasonably priced. Add a tag, and they double as placeholders. Ingenius. 

If you are looking to cut costs a cheap wedding favor is to buy cute little glass jars and fill them with herbs, candies, baked goods, bath salts, ect.  I would recommend buying your jars wholesale or from a place like Ikea. And jars come in all shapes and sizes. Check out these favors mini glass spice jars from Style Me Pretty. And here's a great post for homemade wedding favors: DIY bath salts from The Broke-Ass Bride.  

And why stop at wedding favors? These little gems would be appreciated anytime of the year. Im a big fan of presents for no particular reaon. 

In my world I'd probably choose to fill the jars with basil, oregano, or dried parsely. Hard to go wrong with those and I'm sure it has something to do with me being half-Italian. 

How about you? What filling would you use? Anyone used this as a favor or gift idea?