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10 Reasons to have a First Look

A growing trend is for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding in a 'first look.'  While many couples still prefer the more traditional route of not seeing each other before the ceremony the first look trend has grown immensely in popularity. Why you ask? These 10 first look photos should answer all your questions. 

1. The moment before the first look is magical. Your heart is racing and you are all smiles. How cute is this couple filled with the anticiption of seeing each other? It gives you butterflies. PS. I love this bride's shoes. 

2. Get emotional. This private moment between the two of you can get teary. I love how the bride wipes her groom's tears. So touching. 

3. Be creative. Why not. It is your first look it should reflect your couple. Hide behind balloons, trees, a corner, a door etc... I love how this groom anxiously waits to see what is behind those balloons. 

4. Sneak up on your groom. Ok probably not for real. But this picture with the shushing bride is adorable. 

5. Capture happiness. I love this photo, not only can you see how emmotional a moment it was but you can see the sheer happiness in the couple. 


6. The sneak peak- I love how this couple both decided to just peak around the door for their first look. 

7. Surprise- You never know how the bride or groom will react to seeing the other for the first time. And the nice thing about keeping this moment private is you are free not to hold back. This could be my favorite first look.

8. It is about the groom- traditionally a first look was fom the perspective of the groom. I love how this picture captures exactly that. 

9. Take a first look without looking- You can choose to do what this couple did and use blindfolds to set up this moment. This picture is pretty sweet.

10. The moment after the first look. Some of the most tender and beautiful wedding pictures have happened just moments after a couple sees each other for the first time. 

And this is our first look. It was such a beautiful and private moment and I wouldn't have wanted to share it any other way. 

Will you or did you have a first look? 


1. moment before first look photo by Sam Ciurdar, 2. first look get emotional photo by Aric + Casey Photography, 3. Be creative first look with balloons photo by {Fresh in Love Photography}, 4. Sneak up first look by True Photography Weddings, 5. Capture hapiness first look photo by Weeno Photography, 6. Sneak peak first look photo by  Erin Jean Photography, 7. Surprise first look photo by Jasmine Star, 8. About the groom first look photo by Mastin Studio,  9. Take a first look without looking photo by Clayton Austin, 10. The moment after a first look photo by Amelia Lyon, our first look picture is by Mastin Studio