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3 things to consider when planning a honeymoon

3 Things to consider when planning a honeymoon vacation. The wedding is over and the honeymoon is next. It is never too early to start planning your honeymoon. And when you do here are 3 things, that may seem obvious, but are often overlooked that can make or break a honeymoon. 

1. The food- make sure that wherever you are going they serve food that you can actually eat. Getting a food related illness while travelling is anything but fun. So call ahead, read restaurant reviews, check travel sites and find out what the local cuisine is, and specifically what your resort or hotel serves.


2. The kind of honeymoon you want. There is a big difference between I want to relax on a beach all day and i want to sight see all of Europe. Nothing ruins a trip more than when one person's expecations for the trip are so different than the other. So get on the same page and make sure that your honeymoon has what you are both looking for. Do your research and use a resource like The Knot to discover unique honeymoon ideas that you both want. 


3. Accomodations. Where you stay is as important as where you choose to go. An unclean hotel or a resort under construction can completely ruin a trip. So use sites like yelp, tripadvisor, fodors, hotels.com, to get the most update reviews. Learn what others who have stayed at your hotel have said and don't just rely on a hotel star rating. Star ratings vary greatly from one place to another. 


 image from Blueberry Photography.