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Eyelashes for Miles

I don't know about you but I'm always on the lookout for a good mascara. And this was especially true when I was getting married. My plan was to go the fake eyelashes route for my wedding day and to do my make up myself for the rehearsal dinner. 

Unfortunately, the day of my wedding my dream fake eyelashes were not going to happen. All that obsessing over my wedding make up and sadly, none of it came to be. It is a long story and lets just say it ends with my wedding planner having to do my make up. Thank you Shauna! I really should do a post on the importance of having more than one hair and make up trial and more importantly doing the trial, weeks, not days before your actual wedding date. I made all of those mistakes and it cost me fantastic eyelashes. At least that is how I envisioned them. 

source: Mastin Studios

I am a very firm believer in quality mascara. I could never get the drug store brands to work for me. I used to use Lancolm. And if truth be told their mascaras do something amazing to the eyes. Long, shiny, separated and uber dark lashes. Unfortunately and it is a big minus Lancolm mascaras smell and I mean reek, not long after you open them. That always worried me a little so I stopped using them. Now, I use the Dior mascaras and I use a primer first. Dior is a solid mascara and while it also makes the lashes pop it doesn't have that same shade of black as Lancolm. Dior also smells, but not nearly as quickly or as much as Lancolm. Recently, because of my desire to put the least amount of chemicals on my eyes as possible I switched to Black Tea Pure Fruit mascara. I found it on Amazon. I find everything on Amazon. And I really like it. It doesn't give anything close to the same dramatic eye effect as the two above, but it coats the lashes nicely, doesn't smell rotten, doesn't clump and washes off easily. For an every day mascara it is pretty good. I plan on continuing to buy it. Again, I suggest using a primer with it. 

Having said all this when my co-worker approached me about Younique mascara I was more than curious. It is all natural which really appeals to me. In fact it too is made with Tea. How the Younique Mascara works. Similar to the primer effect, you coat your natural lashes in your 'normal' mascara, then you apply the gel and then the fibers. The first time I used the Younique mascara I got fibers everywhere. But then I googled a Younique tutorial, How to apply Younique mascara. What did we do before Youtube? And that made a huge difference. Even after watching the tutorial it takes a couple of times before you get good and fast, ok faster at the application. 

Of course I don't have a decent before and after picture. Instead I have a picture of myself after I applied the Younique mascara for the first time (prior to tutorial watching) So take that into consideration, but having said that I still think the mascara performed well. And after a few tries and the tutorial I can see how you can really get your eyes to pop. 

source: Miss Freddy

I'd recommend the Younique mascara. I will order it again. Play around with it and you'll see first hand that you can get some very dramatic looks from it. I would have loved it for my wedding. Loved it! I'm not sure I'd use it as my everyday mascara. Who are we kidding I don't wear make up everyday. But if I did I'd probably opt for something lower key. But that is me. And the Younique gel is pretty similar to the Black tea mascara i got off Amazon. So you could use the gel alone for nicely defined everyday lashes. 

My next night out I plan on using a primer first and then applying the Younique mascara. Anyone done that with good results?

Disclaimer: My co-worder sent me the Younique mascara in exchange for this review. And I'm glad she did. Thanks Kim. I also don't work for Younique. 

Since I liked the mascara I decided to try their lipgloss next. I found this charming little review on younique lipgloss and Nat convinced me to give the lipgloss a try.