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Mason Jar Love: 10 creative ways to use mason jars

Mason Jar Love- Mason jars have a very classic appeal, combine that with the fact that they are so versatile and it is no wonder they are loved everywhere. But these DIY mason jars have come a long way from just holding jam. Here are 10 ways to make the most out of your mason jars. 

1. Mason Jar Chandelier. I love this. What a pretty piece to decorate. This one was used at a wedding, but the look and feel of these mason jar chandeliers are perfect anywhere. Here is a DIY for a mason jar chandelier, this one is for an electrical chandelier so you'd need to adapt it.  


2.Go for the gold- or silver mason jar. A little paint can go a long way. Painted mason jars make for very pretty vases for every room in the house. Here are a few mason jar painting DIY: how to paint a mason jar, how to tint a mason jar, and creating look-a-like mercury glass mason jars

3. Perfect for a DIY backdrop - hanging mason jar candles and ribbon. How pretty would this be for an outdoor party? Here is the DIY for how to make these hanging mason jar lovelies. 


4. Not much is cuter than food served in a mason jar. Makes for the perfect presentation and gift. Don't believe me check out these 50 mason jar food ideas, including my fave peanut butter cups. Yum. 

5. Drink to this- Mason jar wine glasses, also known as redneck wine glasses are easy to make and very fun. Plus you can use this DIY mason jar wine glass tutorial to create variations of these jars, like taller candle holders or mason apothecary jars. 

6. Light it up- backyard lights made from mason jars. You can find these from Sweettea. If you are good with electrical and want to try this one out here's a light mason jar DIY that will get you started. So pretty. 

7. Wrap it with Twine. You can decorate mason jars in endless ways but these twine ones make stunning centerpieces. Here is the DIY mason jar twine, but feel free to adapt it to add lace, doilies, even chalkboard paper

8. Smile for the Camera- mason jar frames. Cut your photos so they fit and display them in mason jars. So unique and charming. And if you want to add a little vintage feel here is a vintage photo DIY where you add oil and a picture to your mason jar. 


9. Drink it up! Pre-made and ready to go mixed cocktails in mason jars. Love this idea for any kind of backyard bash. Here are some fun cocktail recipes to go with those mason jars: strawberry moonshine jullep and a champagne mojito


10. Soap it up- the soap dispenser mason jar. Practical and amazing. Here is an easy DIY for soap dispenser mason jars

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Anyone tried any of these out? I really want to make the mason jar mercury glass. So pretty for the holidays.