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Best 11 wedding trends of 2011

As we begin 2012 here's a quick look back at the best 11 wedding trends of 2011. A little classic, a little chic, some pretty and whole lot of fun! 

1. BRAID IT! Oh yes hair braids are everywhere. And is it any wonder they are so pretty. Love this waterfall braid. 


2. VERY VINTAGE- Vintage is in as are vintage engagment bands like this little lovely. 

3. All hail the Pale! - Pale bridesmaid dresses made a huge impact on 2011. A suble beautiful.  

4. MIX IT UP- Your bridesmaid dresses that is. Mix n match and your bridesmaids will love you forever.  

5. DON"T MAKE ME BLUSH- Blush and other pale colored wedding dresses were seen on runways everywhere. Can you say Reese Witherspoon? 

6. HI LOW HI LOW ITS OFF TO WORK I GO- Sing this tune and show off your dancing shoes in hi low hemlines. 

7. TAKE A BOW- Yes bows of all shapes and sizes were visible on dresses, belts, shoes, hats, hair accessories, wedding decor and of course on grooms as bowties. 

8. AND - This fun little ampersand symbol is just everywhere and it is a must have photo. 

9. MAKE IT POP- Adorable little pops were all the rage, cake pops, pie pops, the more the better.  

10. KICK IT- Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaids, grab your rainboots, cowboy boots, or just any boots and join this trend. 

11. HELLO JELLO- Who knew but jello shots dress up nicely too. They make a fun icebreaker at the cocktail party, or as a wedding favor. 

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So fun! Let me know if I missed any. And which do you think have staying power....


All Hail Pale Bridesmaid Dresses!!

All Hail Pale Bridesmaid Dresses!! An undeniable trend for 2011 are pale bridesmaid dresses. These light bridesmaid dresses are often the same or a few shades different from the bride. Bridesmaids Dresses everywhere are turning up in colors that were a short while ago only considered for brides. Bridesmaid dresses in neutral colors, ivory, and even white add a softer more subtle distinction between the bride and her girls, a distiction less prononced but not less beautiful.  

image sources, top to bottom: , abby ross weddings, jose villa, mastin studio, Beaux Arts Photographie

These light bridesmaid dresses are all the rage and not just for bridesmaids, light prom dresses, and neutral colors clothing are very trendy right now.  Pale bridesmaid dresses also work well to offset brides who choose light wedding dresses with a hint of color.  

Love this trend. I find it so romantic and sweet.  You?