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Picture Perfect, Give the gift of Pictures

This year, I'll be almost 7 months pregnant for the holidays. And we have a beautiful little one year old running, and I mean running around the house. I thougth she was busy before. Our poor Christmas tree doesn't stand a chance. Combine these two factors and it doesn't leave much time, or energy for much Christmas shopping. So what is a girl to do? Answer: give the gift of pictures. 

Go Pro- There are so many reasons that professional pictures are worth the time it takes to do your hair and dress your baby and (yes) husband in the morning. For one, all you have to do is show up and let the professional do the rest. You don't have to worry about filters, lighting or anything else. When you go pro you are guaranteed a beautiful good quality picture that you will be proud to keep, share, and gift. Camera phone cameras are fun but not for gift giving. 

Christmas Cards- If you are one of those people, like we are who still believes in sending Christmas cards then you can't go wrong with a family picture card. Family and friends love to get recent pictures. It is a nice personal touch and if your family is like mine it will end up on the fridge.

Mini Albums- These are from our Seattle photographer, Miss Freddy and will make lovely Christmas gifts. I won't spoil for who. The best part of these mini albums is Miss Freddy does all the work, she picks the pictures, layout etc.. you provide her with some feedback and she mails them to you. Hard to beat that. If you'd like to see a picture of these beauties click mini albums.

Shutterfly- I love this site. You can take all those beautiful pictures you have and turn them into perfect little picture presents. You do have to do this yourself, but Shutterfly is very user friendly and I've used it to order storybooks, magnets, cups, desktop frames and more in the past. Psst: think grandparents. 

Matching Outfits- So this is only me. But where else is it appropriate to dress like your child other than in a family holiday photo shoot. I found us matching outfits! And I was so excited about them (probably too excited about them). If you are looking for more ways to dress for your photo shoot Miss Freddy has a great what to wear for families on Pinterest. 

I've included some of the pictures from our Photo shoot, courtesy of Miss Freddy. We took family photos, pics of our baby girl and even a few maternity ones! (I'd never had maternity ones before) Miss Freddy was our photographer and we think she did an awesome job. What do you think?