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Tree Loving Hugging Wedding Inspiration

Tree Loving Hugging Wedding Inspiration. Maybe it is because I live in Seattle and we are surrounded by beautiful tree greenery...but I love trees....there is something beautiful, strong, and magestic about a tree. Since forever trees have been symbols of strength and loyalty. The giving tree by Shel Silverstein comes to mind. It was one of my favorites as a kid. Here are some fun ways of incorporating trees into your wedding.   

If you are planning an outdoor wedding consider using a tree to display pictures of all the couples who will be at your wedding. This is a fun way to involve your guests and people will be touched to see their own unions celebrated on your special day. Plus it gives new meaning to the term, 'family tree' 

source bridal guideThis picture is stunning. Draping lights accross the branches of a really big tree and then using that as the backdrop for your vows is magical. This is one for the books and will leave a lasting impression. 

source perpetually daydreaming

This tree overlay is done with die cut lasers and is a beautiful start to this nature inspired invitation. My favorite part is the little gold heart on the tree with the couples initials. Just darling. 

source ohsobeautifulpaper


Speaking of darling I love these personalized tree mugs from Uncommon Goods. There is something so romantic about seeing carved initials in a tree trunk. But having said that, don't do it - it isn't good for the tree. Instead get your initials put on tree mugs and celebrate your lasting love that way. 

source uncommon goods


This a variation of the ever so popular fingerprint tree guest book. Instead of fingerprints your guests write their names on the branches of a tree. Using this as a wedding aisle would be an extra special tree touch. 


source stylesizzle

Perfect for a rustic wedding is a cake made to look like the bark of a tree. it is unique and memorable. Plus the circular layers of the cake lend themselves well to tree trunks

source: the frisky

Tree wedding favors are gaining in popularity. These are especially cute if there is a tree in your story-you had your first date under a tree, or maybe in a tree house. And tree favors are perfect if you just want to give mother nature a hand.  I love the idea of planting something and being able to nurture it and watch it grow. The tree favor is a beautiful testament to your beautiful day. 

source: Le Magnifique Blog

Did you include a tree on your day? 

Disclaimer: The people at Uncommon Goods were nice enough to send me a set of tree mugs. Uncommon goods are good people, almost everything is handmade and $1 of every purchase goes to charity. And everything is in harmony with people and the environment. Hard to beat that.