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20 ways to unveil your veil

20 creative ways to unveil your veil. When I got married i was very torn over whether to wear a veil or not. I eventually decided not to go with the veil, but if I had seen these amazing veil pictures beforehand I'd have changed my mind. If you are thinking of sporting a short veil, a birdcage veil, or long veil let yourself be inspired by these 20 creative veil pictures. 

1. How amazing is this picture? Love the veil as it softly cascades over the stunning back of this wedding dress.  

2. This bride wrapped in her veil is adorable and it makes for a sweet picture. 

3. Why not add a little veil to your boudoir pictures? Very sexy. 

4. A beautiful moment where the bridal party prepares to drape the bride in her veil. 

5. The kiss under a veil is somehow made even more perfect. 

6. Love how this picture is taken through the veil as it blows in the wind. 

7. This picture taken from the top of the stairs would be perfect for a first look, walking down the stairs with flowing veil following, on your way to see your groom or father. 

8. Your flower bouquet even more stunning when framed with your veil. 

9. A small birdcage veil and an upward glance are the perfect way to showcase your lovely lashes. 

10. Such sweetness the bride and groom holding hands and the veil in the background. I love the veil's lace details. 

11. This picture could be one of my favorites. How about a little kiss through the veil? You can feel the passion in this shot. 

12. This picture is a perfect way to capture the back of your dress and your stunning long veil. I love the vintage feel to this one. 

13. Here is a ring shot and a veil shot in one. 

14. Love this, why not wear a fishtail braid and sport a short veil? Georgeous. 

15. A beautiful moment-a wind blown veil and a tender kiss. 

16. Your veil and your personalized wedding hanger. Makes for an awesome getting ready shot. 

17. Add a hair flower accessory to your veil. Such a romantic touch. 

18. Another one of my faves a little birdcage veil goes a long way. 

19. A gentle head touch through the veil. I love how the bride pulls the veil around her. 

20. This veil shot is of the couple's first dance. I love that the bride chose to leave her veil on for the first dance- that and the light make for a fabulous picture and moment. 

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Drool worthy photos and a canvas print giveaway

Believe it or not after you get your wedding pictures you might have difficulty finding one that you can frame. Chances are you'll have lots of beautiful pictures but only a few that you can hang on your wall. So what makes a picture frame- worthy? Here are 5 things that take a photograph from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

1. Props: Often times the simple addition of props makes a picture really stand out. I love the black and white balloons as a picture prop. 

2. In the heart of it all: Even though this picture has more than just the couple it too would be beautiful to frame. Why? It captures the moment perfectly plus if you can't have balloons have bubbles. 

3. Tender moments are perfect for framing. And you'll notice no one has to be looking at the camera. 

4. Make eye contact: This one is so sweet. Only the bride makes eye contact but the bride's eyes say it all. 

5. A different angle: I love this picture especially because no one is looking directly at the camera. It is playful and would look great on the wall. 

images courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Canvas Art Giveaway- Turn your own drool-worthy, amazing, adorable, outstanding, and wow pictures into canvas art. 

Need more inspiration? Check out these 10 must-have wedding photos

And if you prefer you can choose to win one of  the following instead of a canvas print

vinyl banner : these would make great outdoor wedding signs. 

yard sign: these are perfect for outdoor weddings or directional signs.  

car magnets: these would be fun just married car signs. 

How to enter: In the comments below: describe the picture you would like to turn into canvas art. Perfect for past, present, soon-to-be brides, and of course moms. 

If you would prefer to win one of the other prizes, just specify that in your comment too.  

Get an extra entry when you follow girlywedding on Facebook or Twitter or Tweet or Like this post. And let me know in a separate comment. 

Get one entry per comment you leave. Feel free to enter to win more than one thing. 

I will randomly draw a winner from the list of comments August 25th. 

Good Luck!




10 Must-Have Wedding Pictures

10 must have wedding pictures. Our wedding has come and gone and one of the things I wish I had payed a little more attention to was thinking about the kinds of wedding pictures we would take. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love our pictures but there are some stunning wedding photographs out there. I've compiled a list of 10 must-haves. 

1. Sign Me Up- Wedding Signs are just so sweet. Whether they are chalkboard, or banners, having that little extra sign as a wedding picture prop just makes your wedding picture POP. I adore the vintage feel to this picture. 

2. So Close- So many pictures like this can look so posed. But here it feels like the couple is sharing a moment and the photographer just happened to capture it on film. The result kinda takes your breath away. 

3. Sunset- This picture is one of my faves. Not many people manage to get sunset pictures, because most people have to leave their wedding reception to take them. But with results like this, it may just be worth sneaking out for. 

4. Flower Power- This shot is so beautiful, the emphasis on the bouquet, in this case brooch bouquet (which you already know I love) with the couple just blurred out in the background. It makes for an amazing shot. 

5. Sweet Cheek - I love this shot. The placing of his kiss on her cheek it is just darling and PG. A good one for framing. Plus isn't the bride so pretty? 

6. Hot Kiss- Wow. You need at least one shot of a steamy kiss. It isn't for the faint of heart but it is a beautiul memory of your day. And one for the groom to keep in his wallet. 

7. Up Against a Wall - Sometimes doing things a little different like resting against a wall can result in an unforgetable shot. Like say this one. So get creative. 

8. It has a Nice Ring To It - A popular wedding picture is an unforgetable close up of your wedding rings. This one in a rose is no exception. 

9. Take a First Look - It is a sweet way to share the moment privately, before all eyes are on you. This is something we did right before the ceremony, and it made such a difference, plus it makes for some pretty cute pictures like the series below. 

10. On The Horizon - A shot of the couple with a view like this is not to be missed. This one is actually us and this is the beautiful view from Orcas island, Washington, this past February. 

Feel free to include links in the comments to more unforgetable wedding pictures. I love adding to my collection. 

sources: sign me up, so close photography by Andria Lindquist, sunset photography by San Luis Obispo, flower power photography by Tasha Owens, sweet cheek photography by jenni ireland, hot kiss, up against a wall- photography by Nora and Chris by , It has a nice ring to it photography by captured by Jen, take a first look photography by Brandon Worth, on the horizon photography by mastin studios.  

Well much has happened since our wedding day. When I started blogging I promised myself I wouldn't apologize for not being able to blog often. I'm sure every blogger feels this way at some point but sometimes life just gets in the way. So there you have it, my apology for not blogging enough. And in other news life just seems to keep getting busier. The husband and I are expecting. :) 





Sit on it! Wedding Pictures Ideas! Wedding Couches!

Sit on it! Wedding Pictures Ideas! Wedding Couches! A hot picture trend is to add a vintage touch, (a vintage couch to be precise), to your wedding pictures. The vintage couch makes a great background for engagement pictures or for the wedding day itself.  

I especially like photos where the vintage couch is placed against a creative background: the outdoors, a wall papered wall, and a museum, like in the pictures below.

If you are looking for more creative wedding photo ideas check out this wedding pictures checklist from ivillage. If you wanna make sure your wedding pictures poses turn out perfect this how to pose in pictures guide by Rock N Roll Bride is pretty helpful for everyone.

And if you don't happen to have a vintage couch hanging around you can always rent one from a vintage rentals place like The Found. 

So which vintage couch and wedding picture is your favorite? 

wedding couch source mywedding

wedding vintage couch photo prop photography alex chamas

picture props wedding couches photography mastin studioretro couch photography annie gerberwedding couch photography alex chamas