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10 More Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Ten More Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas. After much searching I found even more amazing wedding guest book alternatives.  

1. Time in a Bottle- I love anything that has to do with tiny jars and tiny notes and this wedding guest book idea combines both. 

2. A fun new trend is to use a vintage typewriter for your guest book. It looks awesome in the pictures but since typing takes a while only a few guests ever really use it. Still, how fun.

3. Little envelopes- Did I mention my love of all things tiny, tiny envelopes. This wedding guest book is pure wedding decor and it is awesome. 

4. Recipes for Love- you often see this one at bridal showers. If you are looking for actual recipes you may want to give your guests a heads up. Otherwise advice for the perfect 'love recipe' can be pretty entertaining.  

5. Post Cards- I love this idea. Have guests fill out postcards and have someone mail them to you throughout your first year of marriage. 

6. Picture props- monograms and ampersands are pretty trendy for wedding pictures but why not have guest sign them first? 

7. DIY style-This wedding guest book is the ultimate DIY project. Have guests sign something related to the theme of your wedding, flower petals, a quilt, paper links...it is a fun way to tie in a theme. 

8. Decorate a tree- This make your own ornament idea is beautiful for a holiday wedding. You can also display signed little notes from a tree or branches and incorporate it as wedding decor. 

9. Frame it! Find your favorite song lyric frame it and have guests sign around it. You can also choose to frame a picture, artwork, even a card. 

10. Mad Libs it- I saw this idea and I knew I had to have it. I love anything that helps spur creativity. Mad Libs start your guests off and they fill in the blanks. And what a fun thing for other guests to read too.  


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With so many great wedding guest book alternatives why not have more than one at your wedding. Include one guest book that is a little more on the lighthearted side and have another that gives your guests the opportunity to write a little longer notes, should they chose to. 

I am definetly going to need more than one wedding guest book. Now the question is which two? :)  



Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Fingerprints!

wedding guest book ideasWedding Guest Book Ideas: Fingerprints. I love how wedding balloons and a tree along with your guests' fingerprints can serve as your wedding guest book. The wedding balloons guest book is a creative take on the fingerprint tree guest books that have become so popular. 

If you are having a wedding theme, extend it to your guest book. And don't feel that a guest book need be a book at all. Today there are so many wedding guest book alternatives that capture not only the people but the spirit of your day. 

Here's a DIY wedding guest book ideas post from Once Wed, where guests write love notes to the bride and groom. Wedding Bee also offers more creative wedding guest book ideas. My favorite being have guests sign a bench you'll keep in your home. 

And I think that is what wedding guests books should be about ~less about keeping track of who was there and more about remebering how they shared your day with you.