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10 DIY wedding backdrops 

10 DIY wedding backdrops. Here is another example of something I wish i had paid a little more attention to before the wedding. Wedding backdrops are amazing, they look so fun in pictures and they double as beautiful wedding decor. You can use backdrops behind the cake table, for the reception, the ceremony or even for a photobooth. Anyway you look at it having a wedding backdrop is a good idea. Here are 10 wedding backdrops that you can make. 

1. Lovely Lights - How stunning is this picture? I love the strings of white lights that make up this wedding backdrop. This picture is a perfect reason to hang onto your holiday lights. 

2. Regal RibbonRibbon backdrops are so pretty and best of all they are a cinch to do. All you need is ribbon, and something to tie the ribbon to, like a pipe, clothesline, tree or even just a long string.

3. Fantastic Frames This backdrop is a collection of vintage picture frames hung with string or fishing wire. And the result is pretty fun. You can always rent frames from a vendor like The Ritzy Rose, which is actually where these frames are from. 

4. Perfect Paper - I love this backdrop because not only is it so creative it can fully be customized. All you need is an oversized canvas, such as butcher paper,drawing paper etc. And then use ink to write your favorite quotes, your vows, whatever you like.

5. Feeling Flags. Flag banners are very in right now. String a couple together and voila perfect wedding backdrop. You can check out this tutorial from Offbeat Bride for your DIY flag banner 

6. Lady Lace- Lace is back. Lace wedding dresses are huge as are lace bridesmaid dresses. Hang a few pieces of lacy material, even lace tablecloths (like my grandmother used to have) and make a soft sweet lacey wedding backdrop. 

7. Stunning Streamers- Streamers have never looked so good. Want to get this wedding backdrop? 100 layer cake has a great DIY tutorial for DIY streamer wedding backdrops

8. Fabulous Fabric. How soft and romantic is this fabric wedding backdrop made from tied pieces of fabric. Sarah hearts has a DIY fabric wedding backdrop or if you'd rather not DIY you can always order it from Etsy vendor wedding lush

9. Binding Books- Even pages of old books all modge podged together makes for a fun wedding backdrop. And it is a great way to recycle vintage books. 

10. Charming Chalkboards - Ah how i love chalkboards. I'm sure it has to do with my teaching days. This custom chalk creation is by Dana Tanamachi. Pretty amazing right?

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I heart you ~ Ten ways to add hearts to your wedding

I heart you - Ten ways to add hearts to your wedding. In the spirit of Valentines here are a few ways to add hearts to your wedding. From the subtle to the overt here are ten fun ways of incorporating hearts in your wedding. 

 1. Better than carving a heart on tree. This wooden heart decoration makes the perfect backdrop to an outdoor ceremony. 

2 Ok I really heart this- Remember my post on alternatives to flower bouquets? Well this bride went with heart bouquets, and it is just fun. 

3. You've heard of rose colored glasses? What about heart shaped glasses? Love this picture prop

4. A few hearts and some twine and you have one heck of a cute seating chart. 

5. This save the date belongs to my lovely friends and i adore the heart made from their fingerprints

6. These heart shoe clips are amazing - they make me giddy. 

7. A giant flower heart might not be for everyone but it makes for a stunner picture. 

8. Pretty heart garland -a fun picture prop that can be used as home decor after. At least that is what I'd do with it. 

9. Don't have hearts on hand? Not a problem.   
10. Replace confetti with heart balloons- not something your guests will soon forget.  

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 Hearts aren't just for valentines day! They make a fun detail for any occasion and they are just so darn girly <3. Which is your fave heart? 


All the world's a stage... Wedding Reception Venues

All the world's a stage... Wedding Reception Venues. If you are looking for your perfect wedding reception venue, consider one with a stage.  Theaters, opera houses, auditoriums, all make great choices as wedding reception venues and too often get overlooked.

So why choose a stage?

Convenience: Most stage houses offer the option of having the ceremony and the reception in the same spot. Which can be very convenient.

Architecture: Beautiful architecture: Venues with a stage usually are interesting pieces of architecture in and of themselves. They are also multi-level which again can make for creative and unique wedding pictures

Cost: And since these beautiful venues are often overlooked they can offer a cost-effective solution for those who don't want to spend the entire wedding budget on the hall. 


These lovely photos are from the real life wedding of my friends Nathan and Anne. This wedding reception took place in the Marysville Opera house.  Pictures were taken by Lindsay Borden

Doesn't the opera house add a unique flair? Congrats you two! 



Wedding Themes: Butterflies

butterfly wedding dressWedding themes: Butterflies This dress is from Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012 Collection. And it is a perfect mixture of a feather wedding dress (which you know my weekness for) and a butterfly wedding theme all in one. The whole Spring 2012 collection is actually pretty dreamy. 

Just a few days ago I posted on butterfly wedding dresses, but when i saw the inpiration board below I just had to share. I love all the wedding reception ideas for how to incoorporate your butterfly wedding theme


I'm all a flutter over this fun wedding theme. You?