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10 must-know wedding planning tips from a pro

Recently, I asked my wedding planner to share 10 of her best wedding planning tips.  And lucky us she said yes. So here it is: 10 must know wedding planning tips from Chic by Shauna

1) Sole Mates are a must.  These comfy little shoe cushions are perfect for all heels and they make walking on grass, or cobblestone, or on uneven surfaces. 

2) Pack Zots. Zots are tiny clear sticker dots that are ideal for attaching all kinds of things like, signs, centerpieces, tags, even ribbons around cake displays.  

3) Get it to go- Have the caterers put together a plate of appetizers, dessert, even dinner for the bride and groom for the end of the night. Most times the bride and groom are so busy greeting guests and mingling that they don’t get to enjoy the food that they picked out for their special day. 

4) Chalk it up- A very popular trend today is to use chalkboards for wedding signs, labels, tags, etc. Bring a Chalkboard pen instead of chalk. Writing with a chalkboard pen is much easier and neater than using real chalk.

5) Flower Power- If the couple is looking to save money on floral centerpieces and bouquests they can always buy flowers wholesale or at a farmer's market. And either get a pro to assemble them or turn it into a fun activity to do with bridesmaids and moms. 

6) Be prepared with a wedding day emergency kit. Every planner needs a first aid kit for wedding including: fashion tape, safety pins, bobby pins, hairspray, bandaids, a sewing kit, deodorant, pen, paper, extra cash, checks, scissors etc. 

7) Flip Flop Basket- Put a basket of flip flops out on the dance floor. You can find inexpensive flip flops in many colors at Old Navy, and they are so appreciated when your guests want to dance the night away and their feet hurt from high heels. 

8) Late Night Snack- It is so important to keep your guests full. A late night snack tray with mini tacos, grilled cheeses, fries, sliders etc... is a great way to do this. You want your guests to stay and dance all night, and offering a late night snack will ensure they do.  

9) Little White Lie- With wedding schedules you want to make absolutely sure that all the wedding party attendants are on time for the rehearsal, ceremony etc. How do you do this? Tell them the scheduled event is at least a half an hour earlier than it really is. 

10) Get it in Writing- Make sure you have everything in writing from all your vendors! Arrival times, pick up times, prices, etc. A written copy is a must so no one needs to rely on their memories for what was agreed upon. 

 image by Studio 1208